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Literary Works

In Progress

  At present Arkady Alexeev is writing a novel with a tentative title "The life and times of the Marquis de Lafayette."

            Lafayette, the hero of two worlds as he is often called, is a familiar name to Americans as there are so many towns, schools, libraries and other public places  named after him. His life was full of incredible adventures, heroic actions and mortal perils. The novel will consist of five books:

   Book 1. From Chavaniac to Versailles                   Book 4. Prisoner of Conscience

   Book 2. American Hero                                          Book 5. The King Maker.

   Book 3. Aristocratic Revolutionary


Current Publications


The Adventures of Giulio Mazarini

  Servant - Diplomat - Cardinal - Ruler of France


Book 1. In the Service of Constable Colonna

Book 2. His Holiness' Diplomat

Book 3. Richelieu's Admirer

Book 4. Ruler of France



The Lay of Prince Igor's Host

A poetic translation of the ancient Russian epic poem from Russian into English


The Kremlin Obscurants

 A play in Russian written in 1978