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The Adventures of Giulio Mazarini
Richelieu's Admirer


Book 3


This is the third of four books about the adventures of Giulio Mazarini. It covers the period from approximately 1627 to 1639, the most productive time in Mazarini’s career as the Pope’s diplomat. He tries hard to achieve one important goal: to restore peace in Western Europe. The peace was violated by Spain and Savoy which attacked the small marquesate of Montferrat in northern Italy. The Spaniards laid siege to Casale, the main fortress of Montferrat; the Savoyards occupied the southern part of the marquesate. In an attempt to stop the war, Mazarini manipulates the Spanish commander into inaction near Casale. Through a masterly maneuver, he secretly brings 1000 French soldiers into Casale as a reinforcement. By doing so, Mazarini happens to fulfill the agenda of Richelieu thus defending the interests of France. Richelieu appreciates the efforts of the young diplomat and arranges a meeting between Mazarini and the King of France Louis XIII. Mazarini lets the king know that he supports France because he believes its cause is just, not because he seeks any kind of royal favor or reward. Mazarini stops a battle that  the Spanish and French armies were ready to begin bravely riding a horse between the two armies with a crucifix in his hand shouting “Peace! Peace!” Thanks to this feat peace was restored. After a short period of happiness when Mazarini falls in love with a woman he saved from death, his fortunes take a turn for the worse. The young diplomat loses the favor of the Pope, who does not approve of Mazarini’s leanings toward Richelieu’s policies. As a result Mazarini has to flee Italy and goes to France.

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